2016 The Year of the Monkey

Starting on February 8th, according to the Chinese calendar, we started the Year of the Fire Monkey. The Monkey is the ninth of twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, described as ambitious and adventurous, naughty and clever. Monkeys are known to be fast learners with only good intentions who like to be challenged and thrive in fast paced environments.

Here at BCS we’re especially excited for the Year of a Fire Monkey, as it’s said to be a prosperous year for business and hard work. The lucky colors for this year are blue, gold, and white, which are all visible in the bcsBCS logo! The Year of the Monkey can bring about some accidents, especially vehicular and thus we, as in any year, encourage everyone to be vigilant about safety and avoid any naughty monkeys who want to distract you! There’s time for play and adventure when you arrive safely.

Happily, we can attest that a Monkey Year will be prosperous and happy for those who seize the right Fire Monkey's Headopportunities. We can all work together this year to generate those opportunities and network together to stay abreast of current market and employment conditions. The forecast for this year is happy and bright for those who work hard and seek to improve. This is a year for fresh starts, both personally and professionally, and we’re excited to hear from you so we can further your current path or help you forge a new one!

Happy New Year from your BCS monkeys, and horses, and tigers, and roosters, and on…

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