It is Chinese New Year time!

On January 25, 2020 factories across China will shut down to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is the Year of the Rat and according to legend a great year for careers! The shutdown lasts two weeks and will feature celebrations across the world. Shipping and logistics agencies prepare in advance by front-loading cargo to ensure inventory levels don’t expire during the shut-down.

According to the legend, the Jade Emperor was throwing a party and the order in which the guests arrived would be the order in which they would be set in the Chinese Zodiac. The rat wasn’t invited but the cat was. When the cat asked the rat to wake him up on time to head to the party the rat agreed and then betrayed him, letting him sleep and taking the cat’s place. The rat hitched a ride on the ox and at the last second, hopped down to take the first place. The cat eventually showed up but all 12 spaces were taken.

People born in the Year of the Rat are team players. They make excellent workers and collaborators. They’re diligent, clever, organized, adaptable and a sign in Chinese culture of fertility and abundance. They’re well suited to careers in engineering or architecture and the Year of the Rat brings auspiciousness to the careers of all signs except Monkeys. Monkey’s should be more cautious than usual. Other signs though are encouraged to incest in new opportunities, try new careers, network with new industries and collaborate frequently.

If you’re looking to find a new employee during this lucky year, or if you want to spread your wings and capitalize on the luck this year with a new position, BCS Placement stands ready to meet your needs. Even with unemployment low we’re finding opportunities and candidates that could be perfect for you!

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