DHL and Amazon bring jobs to Chicago

As all of the focus this month seems geared towards the Olympics and the world’s stage, BCS is pulling back from the global outlook to focus this week on our own local market. The Chicagoland area received huge news concerning our local logistics positions this week.

With a massive DHL investment, this week brings 50 jobs in a $1.3 million expansion on a 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse in McCook, IL. The warehouse can handle Warehouse Employees Wih Boxesmore than 2,500 shipments per hour, including small parcel, air cargo and palletized ocean cargo, and will focus mostly on deliveries to Chicago’s south and west sides and. Considering DHL launched a helicopter service to deliver urgent, early morning documents in 2015, this expansion will lengthen the hours available for deliveries and cut-offs. The new center will compliment the 80,000 sq.ft. DHL service center located near O’Hare Airport.

In other news, e-retailer will open a 750,000 sq.ft, warehouse to pick, pack and ship large items in Romeoville, IL that was originally designed to be a warehouse for the famed local retailer, Montgomery Ward. This warehouse will be the second Chicagoland location and third thus far in the State of Illinois.

Also coming, Radial, a company which handles order fulfillment, announced plans to hire 300 people to help with a tenfold increase in shipments it expects to move during the holiday season. According to Robyn Jordan, Radial’s senior director of North American operations, while the Radial jobs will be seasonal, the increase in business year-over-year, shows they may be ready to open more permanent positions if trends continue for them.

While we spend the start of August enjoying the dedication and sportsmanship of the world in the Rio 2016 Olympics, you can rest assured that BCS Placement is busy here at home finding the best positions for the most qualified candidates. We’re also eagerly awaiting an amazing autumn, and a nice hot apple cider!

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