Hiring Heroes in Logistics

The logistics sector wants to hire more veterans to occupy open positions in 2016. As employment for vets has traditionally run two per cent below non-veterans, initiatives such as Hiring our Heroes can make a difference, and employers are finding that our military make an almoiStock_000069547767_Mediumst seamless transition into our industry. The fast paced, acronym filled, proactive industry of logistics understands their military training runs parallel to the strengths of we seek in potential candidates.

In 2012, UPS hired more than 10,400 service men and women, a 35-percent increase over the previous year. As some companies have been reluctant to hire veterans because they don’t exactly understand the training and job descriptions of their military experience and how they translate to current private sector opportunities, many logistics companies are noticing a gem among candidates. There is likely no other training or position that can impart the importance of a deadline, the diversity in global laws and customs (both actual Customs Departments and traditions or different nations), the structure of a clear chain of command and the precision needed to work for a logistics company. While we are thankfully lacking the life-or-death stakes that our veterans encountered during their service, logistical positions can be fraught with immediate and results based projects that give those veterans a sense of accomplishment that may overly stress other candidates.

Veterans are problem solvers, able to think on the fly, and comfortable with a fast pace, which is exactly what our employers want in new hires. All companies search for a candidate who won’t back down from a challenge. Part of showcasing the talent one has gained during their military service, recruiters who specialize in hiring veterans are working diligently to explain how it correlates to the expectations that employers have. Recruiters and placement officials need to be aware and assist veterans with explaining those talents as they relate to open positions.

BCS works hard to make sure we find the best candidates and the best positions for candidates who have such a special and incomparable background. We remain excited to hear from companies who are looking to bring on more of our veterans and those veterans who want to shine in logistics as they did in our military. As always, we thank each and every one for their noble service and look forward to hearing how we can help.

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