Manufacturing championship gear, immediately

One of the brightest moments after a championship game is to see the winning team hoisted in the field, each wearing a new hat that fans haven’t seen, declaring them the world champs of their sport. The Chicago Cubs, after more than a century, became the World Series winners and emerged from the dugout to celebrate, clad in their championship hats. Almost first thing the morning after, those very same hats were manufactured and available at retailers. Between the moment the final out was called and the moment stores opened, those hats went on an expedited logistics journey.

New Era, the manufacturers of MLB hats, prepares in advance for the final pitch, setting and stitching the base and then Cubs World Series Game 7waiting until the official call to heat seal the Cubs emblem onto the cap. As workers in Harrisburg, PA stayed late into the night, they finished and boxed thousands of hats so deliveries could begin immediately. Extra workers were called in to both manufactures and retailers to have goods in fans hands. Each of the 40 Lids stores in Chicago (the biggest hat retailer in North America)  had extra staff to greet early trucks before their 8 a.m. opening so fans would not be disappointed.

New Era has explained that the 2015 post season prepared them for a Cubs win.  “We started to realize if they won the World Series, we might not be able to handle the volume,” said Tony DeSimone. “We spent the next year planning and prioritizing, getting ready for a Cubs championship.”

Considering the time between championships and the dedication of Cubs long time fans New Era needed to be ready to manufacture and distribute three times the number of hats normally sold after the World Series. Logistics professionals are in a unique position where we find ourselves often inextricably tied to other industries. While we don’t technically work in Sports, or disaster relief, or produce, careers in logistics are often the unsung heroes supporting the real heroes on the front lines. Our careers offer a perspective on the world and how it works or doesn’t, wins or loses, rebuilds or collapses under individual stresses. We can look at products, foods, even structures and understand the manpower, time, and delicacy upon which our civilization grows.

If you’re interested in finding a rewarding and exciting career that will expand your global reach, BCS Placement can help you. Even if you’re not a Cub fan.

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