How online freight marketplaces may affect logistics careers.

While talk of how online freight marketplaces will change the logistics game is nothing new, the influx of new technology opportunities raises interesting questions about how changes will affect careers in our industry. Here at BCS Placement, careers in logistics and the level of skill, education, and preparation
needed to perform in those careers are our specialty and we want to talk a little about what dangers, if any, are currently apparent in the market. Automation and digitalization are going to bring sweeping changes both in accuracy and cost reduction, but currently there is little past rates and space that can be completely managed without a dedicated professional at the helm.
Online freight marketplaces are great tools for forwarders and shippers to secure prices, reduce the time it takes to quote and contract, and ensure accuracy and occasionally transparency in the logistics processes. But, crisis comes without warning and the agility of a dedicated professional, the understanding and forethought of problem-solving and experience cannot be currently replicated by such sources. Cargo inspections, compliance, and the stringent oversight needed to maintain a safe and secure supply chain aren’t tasks that can be pared down to coding. And it seems like shippers understand that as small and medium sized companies aren’t yet clamoring for optimized digitalization. In many cases, the largest issue that could provoke the need for an online freight market is the urgent shipment and it is precisely that time when shippers reach out via phone to speak with someone they feel comfortable handling such a critical shipment. Securing rates is only a small part of freight forwarding.
While cost reduction and profit increases will continue to drive new technologies and e-commerce expands the scope of what logistics can handle when coupled with technology, it’s the ability to completely change direction, change from ocean to air, rail to truck, commercial to passenger airline that demands the versatility only people can bring to the job. As we saw in the April jobs report warehousing, transportation, and logistics jobs are on an uptick, despite increases in digitalization. It appears that the more streamlined processes become, the more the market grows as more work is handled by companies they require more people to handle the expansion of business.
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