Peak Season: Staffing Solutions for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Once again we find ourselves in a complicated “Peak Season” for logistics professionals. While the Chinese markets falter, air cargo traffic shows declines leading up to the 2015 holiday season, but maritime shipping is still strong as West Coast ports alleviated their congestion. The air cargo market is expected to fully recover and increase, especially if the Chinese yuan declines as this will make cargo coming from China cheaper and more attractive during the holidays. Considering these factors, the need for extra help is a real and vital part of planning for the fourth quarter.

Peak Season brings a set of challenges to logistics companies including the need for extra help and the need to have that extra help be as skilled as possible. An increase in demand and the urgency of a short season compel us to have a strong work-force behind us. BCS understands the need for finding the right people to have with you during this massive uptick in trade. We have access to a wealth of experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled support staff who are ready to step in and apply their expertise to any shipping solution available.

We at BCS work with a dynamic array of logistics companies who are eager to take on new help for both this peak season and beyond. Understandably, logistics is a broad and “many splendored” industry for everyone. No two companies are alike and the detail of work in each instance is varied, requiring the proper person for the position. We pride ourselves on finding not just the best positions, but the right positions, considering variable skill sets, job descriptions, personality and corporate culture.

Peak Season can turn into a frenzy this time of year and we’re here, dedicated to take as much of the staffing stress off companies as we can. There are incredible opportunities and people mixing in this season, doing excellent work and demanding the best quality support. BCS can help facilitate that link because we understand it like few others do. Remember, it’s our peak season, too!

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