US Trucking Employment Reaches 10 Year High

According to data tracked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, peak season demand over the holidays helped push U.S. for-hire trucking employment to a ten year high this December. As volumes rose 13% over November 2016 and 84% over December 2015, for-hire motor carriers created 1,400 new jobs to bring their total numbers to 1.47 million employees.

Tighter capacity and a year-end push caused spot rates on trucks to rise significantly between Christmas and New Year’s Day as shippers tried to gain every iStock_000000765790_Smalllast positive point on final quarter numbers. December wasn’t the largest gaining month for hires though as November added 3100 jobs and October topped the year with 7,600 positions filled, likely as a swell to prepare for peak season. Incidentally, last year’s increase in ecommerce shipping came while trucking companies were unprepared so this year, many companies wanted to get ahead of demand.

Though news isn’t exactly bright, considering the total jobs added by trucking companies in 2016 was only 10400, which was the smallest annual increase since the recession ended in 2009. Weak early quarters reflected a slowing US economy but 3rd quarter gains were tied to GDP expansion upon which final numbers depended. The expansion coupled with the surge of consumer spending over the holidays has left us in a better position headed into 2017, for truck and delivery workers.

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